Window Cleaning Tips and Tools From a Window Cleaner – Number 20

A good tip for window cleaning is to use a strip washer and squeegee. A good tool to use is also a water fed pole and De-ionized water system of tank.When cleaning dirty windows, sometimes after you are finished or you have removed the surface dirt, you can still see water spots. This often happens when professional window cleaners are using a water fed pole, which is a very good cleaning tool used with a de-ionized water tank for spot free cleaning. There can be several reasons for this. Sometimes, when the glass is real dirty because it has not been maintained well, the glass will need to be cleaned twice. The second time, most likely you will need to clean the windows with a strip washer and squeegee instead of the water fed pole.

A good tip is to learn if the windows you are cleaning have water spots by doing a little cleaning test. This will help you know how to clean the window. For example, if the window is real dirty, the answer could be to clean the surface twice and by testing a little area, you will quickly see if that will be your remedy. If after cleaning, doing the cleaning test, and cleaning the window a second time, it still has water spots, then the window likely has hard water spots. These spots are considered to be hard water damage or hard water stain.

If the window is damaged by hard water, then you can do another test to see if the hard water damage or hard water spots are 1st or 2nd stage corrosion. If the glass is not heavily pitted or in 2nd stage corrosion, it can be cleaned by several different biodegradable cleaners and also an acid cleaner. The acid cleaner would have to be tested on each different window to see if it tests clear.

For example, if a little of this cleaner is applied to the window surface and it comes back cloudy, then this cleaner cannot be used properly without damaging the window. When the cleaner test cleans clear, then it can be used, but still needs to be tested on each individual window.

Here is another tip. Do not think that when you test a window with the cleaning test that you will get the same results since you are testing the same type of window. The window can be turned a different way when manufactured and it will not test or clean the same way as the others in the same home. So, if you are cleaning with any kind of acid cleaner, the windows all must be tested first or you can damage the windows.

Another good tip if you are professional window cleaner or window washer and you are using de-ionized water or a water cart, is if you have the wrong jets on you brush even though the brush is a excellent tool, water can come out too fast or spray out to much. This can be a very common cause for water spots.

Window Cleaning Tips and Tools From a Window Cleaner – Number 15

I have done a lot of window cleaning this year and when we are doing the windows it always seems like we are cleaning more and more rain gutters as well. We are cleaning a lot of roofs too.

There has been more and more fires every year and a lot of debris collects on the roofs and in the rain gutters. In the rainy season this debris will clog your rain gutters and they will not drain properly, but in the summer or spring this debris is a major fire hazard. This debris is always a fire hazard, but in the summer it becomes even worse.
A good tip for cleaning rain gutters is to use a small hand shovel.

Another good tool is a very strong shop vac- maybe even 18 gallon or so. When using a shop vac for cleaning roofs or gutters you will also need at least 20 or 30 feet of vac hose. If you are cleaning a two story roof or rain gutter, you might need even more hose to prevent you from having to bring the vac on the roof.

Another good tool is a generator in case you have power problems or to use to prevent from having problems with the power. There are so many different tools that can used for cleaning roofs and rain gutters.

Trash bags are very important to have. I have found that it really pays to use the contractor type trash bags for durability. Another good tip and tool is to use a leaf blower, although a broom will also always be needed.

Window Cleaning Tips and Tools From a Window Cleaner #7

One of the most common tools that a window cleaner uses is a bucket. You can get a bucket at your local hardware store, but the type of bucket I am talking about is not a regular bucket. It is a special window cleaning bucket used for t-bar washers and strip washers.

Did you know that you can get a special bucket just for window cleaning? You might be asking yourself why do I need special bucket for window cleaning? That’s a good question. When cleaning windows, another tool or tip is to use a T-bar and cleaning pad that goes on the t-bar. These window cleaning buckets are made to specifically work with these types of tools.

Cleaning pads come in all different types and sizes and are also called strip washers. A very common size is the 18 inch. When using a 18 inch pad, it is hard to get it into a regular bucket and water can spill or drip from the pad. Using a special window cleaning bucket which is over 18 inches wide and specially made for strip washers helps to prevent water from spilling. This makes it very easy to clean inside and makes it easy to move around the work area without spilling water.

Drop cloths are also very important to use to protect flooring from water damage. There are other types of cloths used for window cleaning and this is a very good tool and tip. The other type of cloth is the microfiber cloth, which is extremely absorbent. This cloth is a very important tool for a window cleaner and makes window washing a lot easier. With one wipe from one of these cloths around the edge of the window, water spots are gone. If you are a window cleaner and don’t use one of these I suggest to try one. For more free tips and tools check us out at…

Window Cleaning Tips and Tools From Window Cleaners – Number 2

Let’s start out with some simple tips and tools for just the average person doing some home-improvement window washing. Now, the first thing you’re going to need is some proper tools to do the job. The best tools to use can be purchased at a window cleaning supply house. Usually these types of stores are not open as late as local hardware stores, so if you’re working on home-improvements on a weekend, a hardware store might be your best bet to purchase your tools. Getting a window cleaning soap is very important to mix with water or you might settle for something already mixed. Then, you’re going to need a cleaning pad and squeegee along with a bucket for water. Also a drop cloth is recommended to protect hard wood floors or carpet from dirty water run off.

When cleaning a two story home, apartment or condo ladders will be needed and/or extension poles. A small extension pole- three to six feet can eliminate some ladder climbing and can also be used to clean the windows on the outside from the inside if they are sliding windows. Most of the time a sliding window can be popped out from the inside for cleaning. This method can be used to clean the windows from the inside.

To pop a sliding window out, you push the window into one side of the track and it will give you more space on the other side of the window to pop it out for cleaning. If you don’t have common knowledge of how to pop your windows out, you might have to have a professional show you first how to do this. When the window can be popped out, it can be cleaned on your drop cloth area and the other windows can be reached with a small extension pole for easy cleaning from the inside of the house.

If you are new at window cleaning and are starting a new business, some of this information will still be helpful for you as well. If you don’t have a water fed pole or deionized water tank yet this would be something to work towards because it will cut your time in half.This article is focusing on residential window cleaning. For more residential window cleaning or commercial window cleaning, check me out.